Stable Master Tab

Oh the joys of having a stable full of pets. There are just so many wonderful creatures to tame out there in the world of Azeroth it’s hard to stop.

I have played a BeastMaster Hunter ever since I first logged in and I have found myself wanting to collect more and more pets to add to my stables. Gone are the days of feeding your pet the right food to keep it happy and stop it from running away. With care and maintenance so much easier now I have so many more.

Although I do always have my favorite 4 with me at all times, always leaving 1 slot open just in case I find something awesome on my travels.

Happy Hunting


Hunter Pets


Gon                                               Karkin            

Lost Spectral Gryphon               Skarr    

Kil’uun                                          Ban’Thalos

Bulvinkle                                      Deth’tilac

Friender                                       Haywire Battle Chicken   

Proto-Strider                               Optimo

A-Me 02                                        N.U.T.Z     

Tekton                                           Weaponized Rabbot

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