Level – 30 Elite (scaling)

Health – 507k at lvl 110 – He will scale to your level with a min level of 30

Family – Wolf

Class – Cunning

Requirements – Goblin/Gnome Hunter or Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix

In order to tame Mechanical Hunter Pets, you will need to either be a Gnome/Goblin Hunter or obtain Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix from an engineer or Auction House. If you are an engineer and would like the pattern to make these you can purchase it from Xur’ios in Dalaran(Broken Isles) for 1 Curious Coin.

This pet is not limited to Beastmasters, but you do need to be level 100 in order to solve the puzzle. If you are lower than 100 but have a friend who is a hunter and is willing help you out your friend can complete the puzzle and you can tame Friender. You can tame him more than once you just need to reset and redo the puzzles 🙂


Friender can be found in Gnomeregan and is locked behind a puzzle. To get to Gnomeregan if you are Horde you can use the transporter at Gromgol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale, for Alliance the entrance can be found in New Tinker Town, Dun Morogh.

When you find Friender he will be sleeping and in order to wake him, you need to solve 3 separate light puzzles located around the room.

These puzzles are not too difficult the idea is to get all the lights turned on at the same time. When toggling a button the light you hit plus the light on either side will change. In the situation above I simply start at button 1 leaving it off I moved to button 3 I toggled it off which in turn switched off lights 2 and 4. I then moved back to button 2 and switched it on this turns on buttons 1 and 3 and then I switched on button 4 and all were on. I found that using this method on all three sets worked quickly and easily.

Some people have reported having some trouble with the 8 button puzzle, they suggest leaving the dungeon and resetting it then re-entering, However, I have had no issues and this was my second tame of Friender.

Once all three sets of lights are turned on Friender will jump up and begin to run around the room at this time he will now be red (hostile) to you and will do large chunks of damage if he gets you. I simply targeted him and as he came around just before he was in range for taming I popped turtle and began the tame.

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