These you should try and complete daily. They will not only help your fortress grow but they will help your Alliance grow too. Please keep in mind you do not have to buy stuff to progress… always play within your means Please.

Daily Missions Tab

This is where you will find your daily missions. They will reset every day and the goal is to collect as many of the rewards as possible. The 150 recruit tokens each day means more chances of getting the heroes you want and upgrading them to make your strongest team.

As you complete your daily missions you will notice the moon fill above your fortress, once at 100% you can click on the moon and it will speed up the processes in your fortress. This can help to boost building, healing, research and troop training.


Here you will find a bunch of small quick quests you can complete each day for a variety of rewards, mostly exp, zcoins and people to help work your mines.


The VIP points are at the top left of your screen and as you level through this you will gain a variety of boosts and receive daily goodies to help with gameplay.

Mutant Zombies

The goal here is to do 5 of these each day for the most reward possible. Now the Alliance I am in has people who are capable of soloing these, so they start rallies and ask that people only send minimum troops to help lower troop damage the player gains nice exp jumps and memento coins to level their heroes. It pays to jump into the rally for the biggest zombie no matter your level as the rewards are well worth it.

Adjusting your troops is really easy. When you click to join a rally it will bring up your trucks to choose from, next to your heroes is a small twisty arrow near them – click on that and using the sliders reduce your troops down to 1 for each hero – and press deploy.