Battle Pet Tab Warcraft

Companion Pets or Battle Pets whatever you like to call them the fact is these cute little friends are awesome to have with you on your travels through Azeroth. There are many different varieties available and you will find them just about everywhere.

Some are easy to find, and some will only spawn when certain conditions exist in the game, then there will be those that you need to venture into dungeons, raids, and PvP to find. I hope that my short guides and basic walkthroughs will help you to collect them all.

There are also several achievements linked to the collection and battling of these pets. As I will explain as we go.
With around 963 pets to collect and new ones being added each expansion, I am sure you will be kept busy.

If you are new to Pet battles check out our basic beginners guide here.

Happy Hunting!


Battle Pets

Mr. Wiggles                                 Whiskers                              Curious Wolvar Pup          

Curious Oracle Hatchling          Cinderweb Recluse             Blazehound

Amberbarb Wasp                       Dusk Spiderling                  Lil’ Bad Wolf                    

Speedy                                          Black Tabby Cat

Brilliant Bloodfeather               Brilliant Spore                     Blazing Firehawk            

Scooter the Snail          

Egbert                                          Peanut                                   Willy                      

Legs                                              Squirky