This cute little Murloc can be found on Seabreak Isle south-east of Challiane’s Terrace Azsuna (Cords 20.21).

The island is full of level 110 elite Murlocs so be prepared to fight to clear a spot in order to capture your Squirky. I did notice that the Squirky are not affected by AoE spells which was nice to see when fighting 4 elites at once so I didn’t need to wait for a respawn once I cleared an area.

Squirky is not cageable so you will need to catch him yourself as he can’t be traded or sold.

Squirky is also available in the Blizzard store as a cute plushie you can find him here.

Squirkys’ Talents

As this pet is a level 23 on capture all of the talents will be available.

1                                                        2

3                                                       4

5                                                        6

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