Toys Toys wonderful Toys… I have to admit I am just completely excited every time I get a new toy to add to my collection.

If you are anything like me over the years you have managed to accumulate a collection of various items that each has the ability to perform some entertaining effect.

Previously these items were kept in my bags or bank then along came the Toy Box, Oh what a wonderful idea. The toy box works like your mounts tab placing all your collected toys in one spot without taking up precious bag space, This interface also makes your toys available across your account so all your characters who meet the specific toys requirements can use them.

Below you will find the list of toys available in-game,  each link will give you information on the toy and what it does as well as a short guide to obtaining it.

Happy Hunting




Zandalari Effigy Amulet     Haw’li’s Hot and Spicy Chilli

Outriders Bridle Chain      Petrification Stone     Podling Camouflage

Leather Pet Leash               Aqua Jewel