This cool little toy allows you to create an attackable target of the player you are targeting. It involves a little running around but only took around half an hour to complete.

Step 1: Visit Griftah in the Grand Bazaar – Dazar’alor (cords 53.90) Purchase from him a “Sack of Discarded Hearthstones” these will cost 8g 50s.

Step 2: Visit Rakle The Wretched in Atal-Jani – Dazar’alor (cords 34.11). Purchase from her a “Much-Too-Hot-Pepper” you will exchange your “sack of discarded hearthstones” for this.

Step 3: Visit Trader Haw’li in the Hot House – Dazar’alor (cords 37.41). Purchase from him “Golden Seeds” you will exchange your “Much-too-hot-pepper” for this.

Step 4: Visit Granda Watae on the Terrace of Crafters – Dazar’alor (cords 42.35). Purchase from her “Centennial Blossom” you will exchange your “Golden Seeds” for this.

Step 5: Visit Trader Nog in Little Tortolla – Dazar’alor (cords 57.91). Purchase from him “Preserved Night Elf Head” you will exchange your “Centennial Blossom” for this.

Step 6: Visit Black-Eye Zenru in the Grand Bazaar – Dazar’alor (cords 54.86). Purchase from him “Counterfeit Rastakhan Mask” you will exchange your “Preserved Night Elf Head” for this.

Step 7: Visit Griftah in the Grand Bazaar – Dazar’alor (cords 53.90). Purchase from him your “Zandalari Effigy Amulet” you will exchange your “Counterfeit Rastakhan Mask” for this.

Congratulations on your new toy 🙂 Now onto the next one……


Happy Hunting