Name  – Cinderweb Recluse

Family – Elemental

Drop Chance – 1.2%

This awesome little spider comes from the Cinderweb Egg which has the chance to drop from Beth’tilac in the Firelands. As a Beastmaster Hunter, you can also tame Deth’tilac which is a bigger version of this pet.

The Firelands is a level 85 raid in Mount Hyjal, Kalimdor (cords 47.80) if you haven’t been to the Firelands yet you can find my quick guide here.

Cinderweb Recluse Talents

Your battle pet will always have their first talent after you obtain them their other talents are opened at levels 2, 4, 10, 15 and 20.


1                                                              2


3                                                              4


5                                                              6

Happy Hunting


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