Level – Firelands is a level 85 raid at level 110 this raid is a very easy raid to complete I have written this guide based on the character being level 100 and above.

Location – Mount Hyjal – Kalimdor (cords 47.77)

Reputation Gains – Avengers of Hyjal.

Boss 1 – Beth’tilac

Upon entry to the Firelands, you will need to kill your way through trash down the ramp and then to the left up the hill to find Beth’tilac. When you first enter the room you will see Beth’tilac hanging from the ceiling.

Your first hit on her will start the encounter she will retreat up onto the web that forms the ceiling. Cinderweb Spinners will drop from the web, you need to kill one and when you approach a green arrow will appear jump on and get a ride to the web above. Kill Beth’tilac as quickly as possible. Just before death, she will retreat back down to the ground jump down through the center of the web to collect your loot.

Boss 2 – Alysrazor

After you have killed Beth’tilac go back down the hill and follow the road around to the left over the small bridge. You will see small mobs grouped together channeling one in the center, Kill all the outside ones then the one in the middle. continue to kill trash as you work your way along to Alysrazor’s area, Killing this trash will help to spawn the 4th boss.

As you enter Alysrazors area you will see a large egg stack on either side kill both of these then kill the 4 druids in front of you followed by the two large firebirds. You will find Majordomo standing with a number of prisoners hit him once and the encounter will begin. He will knock you back and cast entangling roots on you, he will then give his speech and summon Alysrazor and fly off to his area and wait for his encounter.

As Ranged DPS this fight requires you to stay on the ground and take her down, but as a melee you will need to collect 3 of the feathers she drops on the ground to enable you to fly up to her and hit her. Once dead she will drop to the ground so you can collect your loot.

Boss 3 – Lord Rhyolith

After you have killed Alysrazor leave her area mount up and go to your left up the path, ride straight past the mobs spawning as they will despawn after you kill the miniboss Kar the Everburning after you have killed Kar you will see Lord Rhyolith.

The fight against Lord Rhyolith is pretty straightforward, You will find his body unable to be targeted so you attack his legs once you have reduced the life on both legs he will lose his stone guard protection and you will be able to attack his body and kill him … Grab your loot.

Boss 4 – Shannox


After you kill Lord Ryolith head back down the ramp now to get Shannox to spawn you need to antagonize him by killing the trash mobs I have found the Naga to work the best, as you kill you will get the warning “As the creatures of the Firelands fall, a huntsman’s horn sounds in the distance””, once he spawns he will announce himself by saying “Yes I smell them too Riplimb. Outsiders encroach on the Firelord’s private grounds. Find their trail, find them for me, that I may dispense punishment”.

He will spawn from the gateway between Beth’tilac and Alysrazor with 2 blazing hounds beside him Riplimb and Rageface and will walk clockwise around the Firelands,  this fight is pretty easy at 100 and above, Shannox will drop traps be careful to avoid them as you cannot break out of it on your own. I tend to kill both dogs quickly and then Shannox goes down nice and easy but it can be done in any order, collect your loot and on to the next boss.

Boss 5 – Baleroc

Now that the other 4 bosses are down the firey barrier has dropped that blocked the gateway between Beth’tilac and Alysrazor that leads to Baleroc.

There is nothing really special about this fight simply kill the adds and then Baleroc. He will spawn a crystal that will target you but it can not be killed so just focus Baleroc, collect your loot.

Boss 6 – Majordomo Staghelm

Once Baleroc is dead move behind him to the magma orb on the pedestal when you click on it choose <pick up the orb and shake it vigorously> enjoy the awesome cutscene.

Once the bridge is formed make your way across, clear the trash and Majordomo Staghelm will approach you to start his encounter. Again a nice simple fight he will transform into a cat during the fight but at 100 and above you will just dps him quickly, collect your loot.

Final Boss – Ragnaros

Make your way through the doorway behind Majordomo and into Sulfuron Keep home of Ragnaros the final boss. Kill the trash mobs on your way down. This fight is easy at 110 but still requires some mechanics. He will perform “Splitting blow” which has him slam his hammer down and spawn some son of flame mobs, as these reach his hammer they do an AoE so try and kill them before they get there although the damage is not that great. Once that is over back to dps the boss until he dies, loot the glorious chest that spawns.

Possible Mounts

Pureblood Firehawk

Corrupted Firehawk

Flametalon of Alysrazor

Possible Pets



Infernal Pyreclaw

Cinderweb Recluse

Possible Toys

Happy Hunting


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