brilliant bloodfeather1


Brillant Bloodfeather

This fancy looking little cutie can be found in Talador, Draenor. The Brilliant Bloodfeather is a standard open world battle pet that you will need to capture. When found it will be a level 25 pet but once caught will be level 23.

Brilliant Bloodfeather Talents

Brillant Bloodfeather Talents

As this pet is a level 23 on capture all of the talents will be available.

Brillant Bloodfeather (1)    Brillant Bloodfeather (2)

1                                                                                   2

Brillant Bloodfeather (3)     Brillant Bloodfeather (4)

3                                                                                      4

Brillant Bloodfeather (5)   Brillant Bloodfeather (6)

5                                                                                     6


Happy Hunting






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