Welcome to my beginners guide to pet battles.

There are a few things needed before you can start to collect the many adorable companion/battle pets in game.

  1. First of all you must have a character that is above level 5
  2. You will need to purchase Battle Pet Training for 10 gold from a battle pet trainer Horde: Varzok, Orgrimmar (52.59) Alliance: Audrey Burnhep Stormwind (69.25) In addition there are several other trainers located in towns near the starting zones.
  3. You will need 1 pet that is able to battle.

How to find your battle pets

Go to your interface bar and click on the collections button

Then go to the Pet Journal tab

Battle Pet Tab Warcraft

Here you will find all your battle pets as well as a list of those you don’t have. Place your pets of choice into the battle pet slots. Now you’re ready to go find some pets to battle and collect. Turn on your pet tracker via the magnifying glass near your mini map.Travel around and search for a little green paw icon on your minimap. Look for the battle pet on the ground and get ready for battle. You can also participate in PvP pet battles against other players by clicking on the “find battle” button at the bottom of your pet tab, you will be matched with a team to fight.

You will enter the battle screen here you will see a bar above you that shows the health of your pet, buffs etc as well as your opponents. At the bottom of the screen is your action bar the first 3 are your active pet abilities the 4th  is for alternating between your chosen pets during the battle, the 5th is for capturing the wild pets and finally, the 6th is to forfeit the battle.

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Once the battle is over your pets may be a little worse for wear but not to worry you have several options here,

  1. At the top right-hand corner of your pet journal, there is a revive pet button it has a 4 min cooldown but should reset before you need it again.
  2. If you are close to a town there may be a stable master there who can revive your pet for a 10 silver fee.
  3. If this isn’t your first battle you may have some Battle Pet Bandages in your bag.

That’s about all there is to begin with, as your pets level more abilities will become available to use in battle.

Now let’s talk quality pets come in all qualities just like gear drops etc in the game – Poor, Common, Uncommon and Rare.

You can keep battling the same pet to find a better quality one the better the quality the stronger the pet. You can also use battle stones these can be given as quest rewards or purchase with pet charms from certian vendors.

After defeating the Pet Tamers on each continent you will unlock dailies that you can do to earn Pet Charms, Battle-Stones and other goodies for your pets. There is a whole bunch of achievements available relating to battle pets as well so it is worth checking out as some will reward you with a new pet.

So that about wraps it up I hope that this has helped you on your way to Pet battles. Remember to have heaps of fun, Oh and just so you know by right clicking on you pet in the journal you can rename it. So go out there and start collecting.

Happy Hunting!





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