Level – 55-110 Rare

Health – 101k at level 110

Family – Mechanical

Class – Cunning

Colour – Brown

Requirements – Goblin/Gnome Hunter or Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix

In order to tame Mechanical Hunter Pets, you will need to either be a Gnome/Goblin Hunter or obtain Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix from an engineer or Auction House. If you are an engineer and would like the pattern to make these you can purchase it from Xur’ios in Dalaran(Broken Isles) for 1 Curious Coin.

This pet can be found in the cave at Fungal Rock in Un’Goro Crater(cords 63.15). She is right at the back of the cave, sleeping on a rock. The respawn time on A-Me 02 that I was there for was around 1 hr.

If you stay at range she won’t even move so it is one of the easiest tames ever. A-Me02 has a buff on her called Iron Will and she needs to be brought down to about 30% life, I noticed the buff drop away when her life was at around 30k so I stopped dps and began to tame.

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