Level – 12 – 110

Health – 1087k at 110

Family – Mechanical

Class – Cunning

Requirements – Goblin/Gnome Hunter or Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix

In order to tame Mechanical Hunter Pets, you will need to either be a Gnome/Goblin Hunter or obtain Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix from an engineer or Auction House. If you are an engineer and would like the pattern to make these you can purchase it from Xur’ios in Dalaran(Broken Isles) for 1 Curious Coin.

N.U.T.Z can be located at the Secret Lab in Azshara (cords 42.73), in order to summon him, you need to complete a number of tasks in a particular order.

Step 1: Read the book inside the building titled “An Intern’s Journal” located at 44.74.

Step 2: Switch the “Thorium Manifold Lever” at 44.76.

Step 3: Press the button labeled “Antimatter Storage Energizer” at 43.75.

Step 4: Switch the lever labeled “Flux Containment Release Lever” at 44.77.

Step 5: Switch the console labeled “Hydro-Sync Router” at 43.76.

A Goblin will yell a warning as N.U.T.Z spawns. N.U.T.Z will despawn after 1 minute if you do not interact with him and you will need to start the process over again, so be sure and be ready to tame when he spawns.

N.U.T.Z hits hard and will kill you if you are not careful. I simply popped aspect of the turtle and tamed him. It was an easy tame with turtle but would require some distance and slow down or trapping otherwise.

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