Level – 85 rare

Health – 97,097

Type – Crab

Class – Tenacity

This pet can be tamed by hunters in any spec it is not limited to Beastmasters, it is also killable so keep an eye out for those evil pet murderers out there. If killed he only drops a grey item “Crystalline Tear of Loyalty”.

Half the difficulty in getting this pet for me came from jumping across the breaking and falling floating rocks. Once you are on the island getting to and taming Karkin is pretty easy especially at level 110.

Karkin can be found sitting in one of two places on the floating rocks off the edge of Fireplume ridge (cords 35.35 – 32.51). He doesn’t move from the rock and you can tame him from the very edge of the main Island so no need to jump across. He attacks with fireballs that stack increasing the damage each one does and also with fieroclast barrage a one-shot attack that knocks you back and stops your tame beast neither of these had any effect on me,  I just popped turtle for safety sake and tamed.

If you were to try this at level 85 then the suggested method is to pull him with tame beast this forces him to cast fieroclast barrage which you should interrupt with counter shot then pop turtle and tame.

Below are the other Hunter Challenge pets available











Happy Hunting


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