The questline “Spark of Genius” to get Hati back begins with Mimiron his location is Horde – Grand Bazaar – Dazar’alor ( Cords 48.89), Alliance – Tradewinds Market – Boralus (cords 72.13)

Hati Quest 1

To get to the Storm Peaks I just Portal to Orgrimmar/Stormwind then Portal to Dalaran (Crystalsong Forest) From there fly to Horde – Grom’arsh Crash Site (cords 36.49), Alliance – Bouldercrag’s Refuge (cords 31.37) then fly over to The Inventors Library (cords 38.45) Mimiron is inside.

Hati Quest 2

Once you have accepted this quest you will need to kill mobs as they spawn while Mimiron is doing his thing.

Hati Quest 3

Once you arrive at the Temple Of Storms (cords 34.59) you will see Hati. Thorim and Grif. Hati won’t be agressive till after you speak to Grif .

Hati Thorim and Grif

Hati will put up quite a fight, lots to dodge and you will need to use your survival tricks but don’t worry if you die Grif and Theodore will keep the fight going till you get back (it’s a short flight I had to take it myself )

I had to get Hati down to around 21% before the essence collector started to work and I had to be in melee range.

On to the next part. This next bit will have you travel to Silithus.

Hati Quest 4

I hearthed back to Zandalar then used the portal to Silithus. Fly over to Grif (cords 39.71) to begin the second part of the fight/collection.

The second part of this fight isn’t quiet as hard as the first as Thorim lends a hand to wear Hati down, you still need to use your survival skills and self heals. Be sure as before to be in melee range for the essence collector to work.

Hati Quest 5

Hearth home Horde – Zandalar, Alliance – KulTiras then portal to Orgrimmar/Stormwind then portal back to Dalaran (Crystalsong Forest) then fly out to Ulduar in the Storm Peaks the teleportation pad can be found outside Ulduar (Cords 41.18).

Once you port in just run straight ahead into Mimirons Workshop Grif will be running along side you.

Hati Quest 6

Collect the quest and click on the console beside Mimiron. Queue epic cut scene. Now I’m not sure if this happened because I didn’t dismiss my pet first but when I finished the cut scene it told me I already had a pet summoned so I had to dismiss my pet and then tamed Hati with no fight at all.

Use the teleporter to exit Ulduar and fly over to see Thorim at The Temple of Storms (cords 33.58).

Thorim will have you activate the Thunderspark this will give you the option of summoning several different versions of Hati. These are easy tames and there is a stablemaster in the same area so you can collect them all without having to travel any further.

I am happy to have my Hati back and I hope this short guide helped you get yours back as well.

Happy Hunting


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