Level – 92 rare

Health – 64730k

Type – Spider

Class – Cunning

This pet can be tamed by hunters in any spec it is not limited to Beastmasters, it is also killable so keep an eye out for those evil pet murderers out there. If killed he only drops a grey item “Crystalline Tear of Loyalty”. His spawn rate is around 6-17hrs.

He can be found on the Molten Front hiding behind the Forlorn Spire, Twilight Highlands (cords 68.71). You will have to unlock this zone by completing the Mount Hyjal questline.


This guy is still a hard tame even at level 110 you will need to get him down to about 5k health in order to get the buff to drop so you can tame him. People often worry about killing him as he is only a level 92 and at 110 you should simply be too powerful for him but don’t worry at the time my Hunter had 939 item level and my Titanstrike was at level 76 and I still had to work at getting him down far enough to tame him, and his attacks still have the ability to 1 shot you as I found out :).

I used my current pets to get Deth’tilac down popped all my cooldowns and hit him hard and fast I made sure to use tar trap and concussive shot to slow him while I kited him around the area careful not to stray too far as he will reset. My pet died 1 time during this phase and I just made sure to resurrect him to try and keep some aggro.

When he was down to about 10k life my pet went down for a second time this time I did not resurrect him I just made sure to keep both the tar trap and concussive shot up as much as possible to slow Deth’tilac from reaching me.

Once Deth’tilac was down to around 8k life I popped turtle and began to tame him.

Below are the other Hunter Challenge pets available











Happy Hunting






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