Level – 92 rare

Health – 323k

Type – Bird, Spirit Beast (Exotic)

Class – Ferocity

This pet is limited to Beastmasters, but it is also killable so keep an eye out for those evil pet murderers out there. If killed he only drops a grey item “Crystalline Tear of Loyalty”.

Ban’thalos flies high above the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal (Cords 27.63).

The most time-consuming part of getting this pet for me came from positioning myself on top of the tree to make sure that was where I landed when I dismounted. The tree is located at cords 27.64 near the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal, you must position yourself so you can stand on top of the tree. I did this by flying over it and using the x button to try and land on it, once you land solid you need to be sure and stay in that position as this will be your landing zone when you dismount from flight. You also need to be sure and go into your interface options and tun on auto dismount in flight.

Now you’re on top of the tree its time for the fun part, fly straight up and wait for Ban’thalos to come into range hit him with a concussive shot and immediately stop shooting or you will kill him, this will dismount you and cause you to fall on to the top of the tree, pop turtle (I didn’t need this at lvl 110) and tame pet.

Below are the other Hunter Challenge pets available











Happy Hunting


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