Kil’uun can be found in Talador – Draenor  just outside of Vol’mar (cords 71.29) he flies in a circle clockwise around the area as marked on the map. He is a Ferocity pet and one of my favorite talents he has is Heart of the Pheonix giving you an instant return to life button for your pet, bringing him back with full health. He also has a talent called Bloody Screech which applies Mortal wounds to his target, this reduces the effectiveness of healing received for 10 seconds.

Kiluun map_LI

Kil’uun is a level 102 elite with 698k hp. At level 110 he is a very easy tame. He is able to be killed and is part of the Vol’mar questlines but as we have moved well beyond Draenor there shouldn’t be too much to worry about. He has a quick respawn of around 15 minutes.

Kiluun hp


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