This beautiful pet is available to Beastmaster Hunters and can be located in Stormheim on the cliffs south-east of the Halls of Valor at cords 73,84.

He has a 4 – 8 hour spawn timer but is in an out of the way place so defiantly worth the fly by just in case.

bulvinkle map
This pet is available as soon as you have completed your starter quests, choose Stormhiem as your first zone and go find him. He will scale between 100 – 110 depending on your level.
When you go to tame him be sure to be alone do not bring a follower, once you start taming they will attack and interrupt your taming.
He is a rare so no doubt someone somewhere will want to kill him but he drops no more than a grey “Crystalline Tear of Loyalty”.

crystalline tear of loyality

Happy Hunting


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