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Who would pass up an opportunity to give their mount collection a boost? These mounts I am about to show you have a 100% drop rate for everyone that participates in the kill, each of them will cost you nothing more than time.

They all are available to kill you just have to wait for them to spawn. I know that sometimes camping can get extremely boring and I don’t expect that everyone has hours on end to sit around and wait.

To help alleviate the stresses of wasting time sitting around staring at your screen I suggest you download one of the following add-ons

Silver Dragon
Rare Scanner
NPC Scanner

Each of these when active will alert you when a rare spawns within its range, this frees you up to wander about the house with your speakers turned up while waiting.

If you prefer to be at your computer then participating in Pet battle, PvP, dungeons or even raids via LFR can help quickly pass the time. I personally do my writing while camping rares.

Please keep in mind though that there may be others with the same mount hunting intentions as you within the zone. I personally like to put a call out over the general chat just in case there are others camping the spawn or just someone levelling in the area who would appreciate the chance at a new mount.

Please follow the links for more information on each of the mounts.

Great Greytusk
Mottled Meadowstomper
Bloodhoof Bull
Sapphire Riverbeast
Swift Breezestrider
Sunhide Gronnling
Garn Nighthowl

Happy Hunting


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