Sunhide Gronnling

Riding Requirements – Level 40, Journeyman riding (150)

Mount Type – Ground

Drop Rate – 100%

Sunhide Gronnling spell

This giant mountain of a mount drops from Poundfist in Gorgrond, Draenor. He is one of the 7 rare spawn mounts available in Draenor.

Sunhide Gronnling map_LI

There are several spawn locations – Cords 50.41, 42.26, 43.55, 45.46, 47.54. He has roughly a 50 – 96 hours spawn time.

Sunhide Gronnling dead

I personally put out a call in general chat to see if there was anyone else camping or just in the vicinity that might like to nab the mount as well.

Happy Hunting