This mount is really quite simple to get all it takes is some time and patience. You will find yourself traveling all over Azeroth to collect the pages needed to learn this mount.

All of the pages must be collected in a specific order as listed below or the next page won’t spawn. Each page gives a short clue to the location of the next page.

A few quick notes:

  1. All the pages need to be found in the one weekly lockout if lockouts reset so will your page count. Logging off, dying, disconnecting will not cause you to lose progress unless weekly reset occurs during this time.
  2. Raids can be done on any difficulty including LFR.
  3. Make sure you have room in your bags to collect the mount you only get to collect it once and it won’t be mailed to you like other loot.
  4. Be sure and clear the area of hostile characters, if you are attacked and the cast is broken there is a chance your chest and mount will disappear better to be safe than sorry.
  5. You need to be level 110 to learn the mount but you can complete the hunt on a lower level character and hold onto it until you reach level, once learned it is available account wide for any character with level 20 or above riding skill.


Page 1

“Page 9″…of sea, Spirit, and self…This is the starting page and can be found in the Legerdemain Lounge on the second shelf of a bookcase on the ground floor (cords 48.42)

Page 2

“Page 78″…first of lords to fall… This page can be found in Duskwood to the right of the Emerald Dream Portal beside a moonwell, it is sitting on a bench (cords 49.33)

Page 3

“Page 161″…the wind, the eye…This page can be found in the Firelands Raid in Mount Hyjal (Entrance cords 47.75) if you haven’t been to this raid before you can find my quick run guide here.

Ragnaros is the final boss in the Firelands Raid and the page can be found on the left side of Ragnaros beside the brazier.

Page 4

‘Page 655″…the plume, the tomb, a scarab moon… This page can be found south-east of the Lost Temple of Tol’vir in Uldum (cords 70.78) between two palm trees.

Page 5

“Page 845″… in snow, sand, and stone… This page can be found in the Sha room in The Siege of Orgrimmar Raid in The Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Entrance Cords 72.43) if you haven’t been to this raid before you can find my quick run guide here.

The Sha is the 4th boss and the page can be found in the back left-hand part of the room.

Page 6

“Page 1127″…behold the battle, unblinking… This page can be found in the Well of Eternity dungeon (Entrance cords 22.63) in the Caverns of Time (Entrance cords 64.50) if you haven’t been to this dungeon before you can find my quick run guide here.

The page can be found just before the final boss there is no need to kill the final boss, just collect your page.

Page 7

“Page 2351″…bejeweled watcher… This page can be found between the paws of the left giant tiger statue in Kun Lai Summit near the Shado-Pan Monastery (cords 34.50).

Page 8

“Page 5555″…ray of sunshine… This page can be found at the foot of a statue to the east of the Halls of Origination in Uldum (cords 76.53).It is at the base of the second statue from the left.

Collect your Reward

Travel out to Longshore north-west of the Raging Chasm in Westfall (Cords 30.27) there you will find a wrecked boat with a treasure chest in it. Open the chest and receive your Riddler’s Mind Worm mount.

Happy Hunting


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