Noblegarden event
Noblegarden event

Noblegarden is back April 2nd – April 9th.

Noblegarden brings with it heaps of activities to keep you busy for the week. There is heaps of Noblegarden fun to be had whether your hunting eggs or helping your Spring Rabbit pet find a love.
There are Pets, Mounts, Achievements and Transmog available as well.
By completing the Meta-achievement [Noble Gardener] you will be one step closer to completing [What a Long, Strange Trip it’s been] awarding you with The Violet Proto-Drake.

Our Noblegarden guide is full of hints and tips so pop on over to the Noblegarden Guide and have a look.

Happy Hunting!

3 thoughts

  1. What an amount of work put into your Guide, well done 🙂 I couldn’t comment on the guide, so leaving a comment here. I’d like to get the last two appearances I lack, but time is short, so, next year, hopefully!

    How considerate of you to list the things we as players can do to help others get their achievements.

    I really wish these events lasted a little longer 🙂


  2. I do have a Facebook page that I post on when I put together groups to help complete event achievements. I helped out 45 people with the Hard Boiled achievement in the last 2 days. I remember how hard it was to do it myself :).

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