Alpha brings some exciting changes

Battle For Azeroth expansion is due sometime in the not too distant future. I logged into Alpha to check out some of the professions and see what’s new.


After changes in previous expansions, I felt that I may have needed to switch professions to continue to make some gold. This expansion has some new stuff that may help with my empty pockets.
The Darkmoon cards are back and work just as they have in previous expansions. The Vantus Runes are continuing.
At the moment there are 4 new off hands to be made.
Then there are contracts these will help you gain reputation with the BFA faction of choice whenever you complete a world quest on Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

War-Scrolls these will grant you a buff of 7% in a particular stat and if you are in a raid or party will also buff other members.

The ability to make the Scroll of unlocking allowing you to open your own lockboxes up to a level 550 skill.

There are 7 new herbs and 3 new inks so far, keeping in mind this is Alpha, and changes may take place, but this gives this Scribe something to look forward to.


Enchanting was a big money maker back in Cataclysm but things changed.
Battle For Azeroth will see enchanting change, we lose cloak and neck enchants and there are no new toys to make.
We can make wands again at this point all their stats are the same I am sure they will change before release.

We see a comeback of weapon enchants. Most have a chance to increase a stat, although the Tidal Surge will be nice for any mana hungry character out there.

Wrist enchants help to aid you when hearthing and glove enchants to aid in speeding up professions.

This is Alpha and things may change but for these two professions, this is what I found to start with.
I hope that I have managed to answer a few questions you may have had.
Please let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

Happy Hunting!


One thought

  1. Refreshing with posts about BfA that contains no spoilers. I try hard to stay clear of lore and story spoilers.

    I just took up Enchanting again and hope to have it ready for when BfA sets off.
    Aww shoot, I had hoped there would be new toys for Enchanting. Maybe later on 🙂


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