timewalking dungeons

The Timewalking dungeons are a good way to help add to your collections.
By participating in these events when they come up you will earn Timewarped Badges which can be exchanged at different vendors for an assortment of prizes such as Mounts, Toys, Pets and Transmog items.
These vendors are located in the following areas and are only available when their particular event is on. It’s also worth noting that each vendor has different items for sale so I might pay to check them all out. The vendors will stay spawned for 24 hrs after the event finishes so you have time to shop but don’t worry the tokens will still be there for next time.
Burning Crusades – Cupri in Shattrath City (cords 54.39)

Wrath of the Lich King – Auzin in Dalaran (cords 51.47)

Cataclysm – Kiatke – Orgrimmar (cords 52.41)/Stormwind (cords 76.17)

Kiatke Orgkiatke Stormwind
Mists of Pandaria – Mistweaver Xia – Timeless Isle (cords 43.55)

Xia Timeless


It is also worth noting that due to these dungeons being run in heroic mode during the event any special drops still have the chance to drop for you so it gives you extra chances during this time as the usual lockouts will not apply when using the dungeon finder.
As an extra bonus for Mount collectors, there is the chance the Infinite Timereaver may drop.

Happy Hunting


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