The Pet Battle bonus event runs from the 24th April – 1st May 2018.

Throughout this week you will get the buff “Sign of the Critter” which increases all pet battle experience by 200%. This will be a great boost to help with getting a crew of pets up to level 25.

Now as an added bonus during this time you can increase this even further by using a few extra items –  Pet treat will give you an added 50% xp bonus, Lesser pet treat will give you 25% xp bonus, Safari Hat will give you 10% xp bonus, Darkmoon Tophat/WHEE (Darkmoon Faire must be active) either will give you 10%xp bonus – using a combination of these will stack with the event buff increasing your leveling speed, using them all will give you a total of 295% increase.

Lesser pet treatPet treatSafari Hat


In addition to this, players at level 100 and above can complete the quest :
The Very Best –  Defeat 5 players through Find Battle with a team of level 25 pets, win PvP Pet Battles(5). This will award you Ultimate Battle Stone which will instantly raise one of your Battle Pets to level 25. This can be collected from Seer Kazal in your garrison or from the dungeon guide.

This event also presents the opportunity to finish off some achievements for your battle pets.

Overstuffed – Raise an Elekk Plushie to level 25

Pro Pet Group – Raise 15 pets to level 25

Pro pet Crew – Raise 30 pets to level 25

Pro Pet Mob – Raise 75 pets to level 25

No Favorites – Raise a pet of every family to level 10

All Pets Allowed – Raise a pet of every family to level 25

These are just a few that are available for you to tick off during this event, Check out my achievements page to see what else you can do.


Happy Hunting



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