Where and When

Starting April 5th at 12.01am pst and ends at 1am pst.

You will find this adorable micro event just west of Bor’Gorok Outpost in the Boren Tundra at Winterfin Village cords 43.13.
Once you arrive talk to King Mrgl-Mrgl he will then allow you to adopt one of the tadpoles. The tadpole will offer you a quest complete all the quests to receive a gift.

Quests –

  1. Get clams from the sea floor in the marked area. They are small and on the floor and ledges in the marked areas. Having a water breathing potion or buff may help if you want to cut time coming up for breath.
  2. Kill Mrrgl the killer whale. Go to the marked spot and wait for his spawn this should only take a few minutes max. This whale will scale to your level I was 110 and so was he.
  3. Your tadpole has a gift for you.

Other than being level appropriate and able to reach the area there are no previous requirements to participate in this event.
Happy Hunting

The King and I

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