In order to receive this mount, you will need to collect 5 Ephemeral Crystals within 8 hours in Azsuna, during this time you can not die or leave the zone otherwise you will need to start over again. According to the information I have found logging out will not reset your crystal count but I personally didn’t risk it I stuck it out till I had the mount in my sticky little fingers :). Don’t worry though all is not lost if you do happen to die you just need to go back to the previous ones you clicked so it pays to keep track of where you found them.

The crystals as you can see in the picture below are quite big and can be seen from a distance unless obstructed so you won’t have to worry about missing them. Now if you are like me and find a crystal that you can not click don’t worry, you have already clicked that one just keep moving and looking for the next one. I found my first 4 crystals rather quickly all within the first 1/2 hour but it took over an hour to find my final one. A new crystal will spawn for you each time you click one so be sure and check everywhere again as one may spawn in a spot you have previously checked.

REMEMBER This is a race the first person to find 5 crystals will receive the mount for that spawn. Once someone has collected all 5 crystals the mount will appear in their bag and a zone emote is sent out “You hear a faint caw in the distance and then silence..” and that’s it till the next spawn so stay on the hunt. Spawn rate is pretty speculative at the moment and 12 – 24 hrs after server reset or mount claim seems to be the general suggestion.



I can not be more thankful for Taraezor the maker of the add-on Long Forgotten Hippogryph, this add-on was a lifesaver and was, in my opinion, the only reason I ever got this mount. The add-on as you can see in the picture below marks all the locations of possible crystal spawns and gives you exact information on where in that area you will find the crystal.


This mount may just test your patience and may even bring a tear to your eye, especially when you are 4 crystals in and the zone emote goes off because someone else beat you to the finish line. I suggest that if you are on a high population server you may want to get up in the early hours of the morning to try your luck. You could also try having a friend invite you to their low population server,  just make sure that you don’t leave their server until you have the mount or it may reset making your time spent worthless.

I will admit after finding all the crystals and receiving my mount I did a little happy dance in my chair.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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