Unearth the stories of the Harbringers of the Legion’s Invasion

  • Waterlogged Tome
  • Fel-Ravaged Tome
  • Cursed Tome

This achievement is open to those who are level 110. To complete this achievement you will need to collect the 3 tomes scatted across various parts of Azeroth.
This achievement is well worth the effort especially if you like stories as you are rewarded with an amazing cutscene each time you hand one of these tome’s into Robert Newhearth in Dalaran(Legion). You can replay these cutscenes by returning to Robert at any time.

How to find the Tomes

Waterlogged Tome

This tome is located under Kharazhan in Deadwind Pass on The Eastern Kingdoms. To get to it you will need to enter via The Masters Cellar (cords 47.78) as you go down you will encounter level 110 enemies. Fighting your way down further you will see a pool of water on the edge of the water you will find the waterlogged tome. Accept the quest and leave the masters cellar, Return to Dalaran.

Cursed Tome

This tome is located in Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor in the village of Shaz’gul (cords 37.59) When entering the village from the north it is located in the big hut to your right, The enemies you will encounter here are level 100… Locate the tome and collect the quest and return to Dalaran.

Fel Ravaged Tome

This tome will require you to enter the Vault of the Wardens dungeon. The tome is located in the last part of the dungeon, in the Tomb of the Penitent (cords 54.35) Collect the quest and return to Dalaran. As a 110 Beastmaster Hunter with an ilvl of 939, I was able to solo this dungeon on normal to get the tome.

After collecting the tomes you can return to Robert Newhearth who is located upstairs to the right inside the Violet Citadel in Dalaran (cords 25.54)

Happy Hunting

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