Where and When

Starting Sunday, May 27th at 12.01am (US PST) – 11.59pm (US PST),  The Glowcap Festival takes place in Sporeggar Zangarmarsh (cords 18.51), Outlands.

During this one day event, you will earn reputation with Sporeggar by helping to keep Fshoo alive when she spawns.

As she is healed she gains a buff for each stack of the buff that is up you will earn 50 rep the longer she stays alive the more reputation you will earn up to a maximum of 12750 rep.

There are a few ways to heal her and as time goes on she will become harder to keep alive due to the debuff Fshoo Grow.

If you are a healer you can use your healing ways to keep her alive, if you are not a healer you need to collect glowcap from around the area and trade them to Mycah in Sporeggar for Sack of healing spores. You can then choose whether to buy Sporeggium, Rimecap and Fungal Lifestalk from Mycah or gather them from around Sporeggar. You can also collect Pungent truffle which increases your reputation with Sporeggar by 15 until you reach exalted then Pungent Truffle will turn you into a sporeling for 24hrs.

What to do next

Periodically Fshoo spawns in the middle of Sporeggar (this happens quite often) and she needs to be healed to stay alive as long as possible for maximum reputation gains. Use sporeggium and then chain use sack of healing spores. When her health starts to get a bit low use rimecap and fungal Lifestalk to help keep her alive.

Fshoo will die eventually and she will stop gaining stacks at 255 so using any items once she gets to that many stacks is really not worth it.

The Rewards

Reputation – So, first of all, there is the reputation with Sporeggar with the opportunity to gain a max of 12750 rep with each spawn of Fshoo you could reach exalted in no time.

Recipies – There are 4 different recipes available as you move through from neutral to exalted with Sporeggar

Cooking – Clam Bar cost 1 glowcap

Alchemy – Transmute Primal earth to water cost 25 glowcap  – Revered

Shrouding Potion cost 30 Glowcap – Exalted


Tailoring – Mycah’s Botanical bag(28 slot herb bag) cost 25 glowcap – Revered.

Companion Pets – Tiny Spore Bat cost 30 glowcap – Exalted


Happy Hunting






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