Elusive Quickhoof Dontmiss

Riding Requirements – Level 20, Apprentice Riding (75)

Mount Type – Ground

Drop Rate – 100%

Elusive Quickhoof Spell

This mount is obtained by feeding the Elusive Quickhoof NPC  one Seaside Leafy Greens Mix in return you will get a mount.

Elusive Quickhoof food

The Seaside Leafy Green Mix can be purchased from either Tuka (cords 61, 20) or Tukuku (cords 62,20) at Tortaka Refuge in Voldun, they are available elsewhere but I got mine in Voldun before beginning my search.

Elusive Quickhoof food map_LI

The Elusive Quickhoof will spawn for around 10 minutes then despawn, the spawn timer is approx 3 – 4 hrs.

Elusive Quickhoof Map

There are several spawn areas for the Elusive Quickhoof at some it will be stationary and others will wander back and forth along the road.

Elusive Quickhoof


Happy Hunting


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